Tango dancing - Vincent and Maryline

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Dark alley hunt,
The predators are out tonight,
Some swing in their zoot suits,
While others swing gold chains from their hips,
It’s a tango of desire,
Dirty deeds with dirty people,
Vicars and such praying for souls,
But we dance – all to close,
Body to body sharing the sweat of a dance,
The possibility of romance,
But we are Tango slaves,
Chained to the heat of our sway,

Solmaz Hafezi


Fresh of Sunshine

Black Swan Lake

Black Swan Lake (Photo credit: epSos.de)

Gold ray blistering to my skin,
Heat of the candle shinning with in,
Virgin heart but sinner with in,
Lay down your wepons and try it again,

Blue sky fighting the cloud,
Black music Tango dancing loud,
Like Christ, I own my own shroud,
Tune your guitar and lets play it proud,

Winter near its chilling end,
Change of season and so change of friend,
Like a kalediscope my abstract tries to blend
But it’s only a hand i can lend…

Solmaz Hafezi