The Next Book

Illustration 13 from the Graphic magazine seri...

Illustration 13 from the Graphic magazine serialisation of She. The picture depicts She moving to embrace the Flame of Life that bestows immortality, with Holly, Leo, and Job cowering on the ground. Drawn by E. K. Johnson; published January 1887 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We open the page,
We smell its pulp,
Words are life,
Life is words,
Fear not,
Hope in the letters…


Talk Show

Della Reese at a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremo...

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Oprah baby where do you hide yourself,
Rachel Ray what do you have to say,
Ellen short hair and proud to be –
Tyra a beauty queen on her shelf,
Sally Jesse did you disappear,
What’s the deal with RuPaul’s hair,
Wendy Williams I do love your smile,
And Whoopie, whats with the View,
Della Reese you broker the ground and paved the way –“Here’s Della!”
Robin Quivers loved the laugh,
Barbara Wawa said a sweet flower gone,
Just a thank you from all of us who sometimes need to move on…
Solmaz Hafezi

I Dare!

English: Lot and his daughters flee Sodom, as ...

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I dare you,
I scare you,
I wont share you,

Blended pain,
So insane,
What a shame,

Tall tree,
Bird free,
Ignore me,

Love torn,
Hate born,

Shame, Shame,
True, True,
Flee, Flee,
All Gone!

Solmaz Hafezi

Love of the Week


tuesday (Photo credit: ****the dreamer****)

Monday rain and Tuesday thunder,
Brings my soul to wonder,
If love is regal and the pain worth the fight,
As I own this lonely night,
I understand your love I share,
Unfortunately I shed tear,
Wednesday and its mid-week feeling,
Thursday nearing and I am reeling,
Soon to arrive and remind me of my Friday wound,
In our world there is no Saturday night affair,
Nor is there any Sunday fair,
I am just dreaming of you and you are not real,
What I do not conjure are these feelings I feel…

Solmaz Hafezi