You breathe fire of hate at me,

Just breathe

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You breathe fire of hate at me,
I am just a woman,
I chose not the life I was born to,
Did you?

Put down that gun,
Turn around and run,
Let the bullets fall,
Not fly,

Go back and tend to your clock,
That gun please do not cock,
I am war torn – in shock,
Are we not all of the same flock?

I want to be free,
Neither of us are a villain,
I could learn to love you,
My desperate words are true,
There is only pain here, no fun,
Mothers hear my call
Please do not mock…

 Solmaz Hafezi


The bombs race through the walls with an unforgivable blast

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The bombs race through the walls with an unforgivable blast,
Skin ripped violently and bones dance through the massive confusion,
I see the twisted body of the young boy sharing the rubble with his armless sister,
These bombs scream through the sky leading to loved ones mourning the mangled and dead,
Where is world peace or the serenity of human dignity,
Has it abandoned my small country or been traded for black gold,
Please see us as human, alive and believers of prosperity with little hope left,
To bury one more child drains me of my own blood,
I fear that it too will spill into emptiness,
I am tired of the red blare racing through the black sky,
Tired of rockets, bullets and a political gifts of democracy,
Please let my people go,
Let my children finger paint, jump rope and grow to write poetry not of bombs but blue skies….

Solmaz Hafezi