Absence of World Love

The Absence (album)

The Absence (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live in absence of world love,
I stand convicted of your government war,
Bullets of poverty tear flesh while men in suits reign,
We ask for change,
Simple change,
Change of the basic,
No more children dying,
Let heal all for free,
Break down the walls of hate and allow love to play judge,
I am tired of your warrior sunshine that burns my face,
I am tired of headlines demanding I face the killings,
If I stand convicted of these charges so shall you…



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Shredded metal piercing the innocent skin of children,
War torn mothers and father unable to say good bye for the last time,
The odor of death is unforgiving just as the enemy’s bullets,
When the day breaks to nightfall and all lay silent – the dead move on,
But sunrise brings the scatter of flying metal and roaring tanks,
Tomorrow is only a hope, one must survive today…

Solmaz Hafezi

Oh whoa is tale

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Oh whoa is tale,
You man of cold steel,
There was time when love was real,
But you set it flame,
With your adulterous game,
May your house be plagued with shame,

When our eyes first met,
Who could forget,
Our hearts we let,
Burn with red velvet lust, 
Skin to skin was a must,
But you savagely broken the trust,

Oh man I cast you to hell,
With no more stories to tell,
I should have known but – well,
I feel life once again,
From man not friend,
Since I put you to end…

Solmaz Hafezi