Put on your dancing shoe

Publicity photo of Ginger Rogers for Argentine...

Publicity photo of Ginger Rogers for Argentinean Magazine. (Printed in USA) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the A train just the other day,
I heard an old tap dance man say,
Come be my Ginger rogers and I will take you away,

We did a u-turn,
To 125 so I did learn,
Put on your dancing shoes and lets burn…


Absence of World Love

The Absence (album)

The Absence (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I live in absence of world love,
I stand convicted of your government war,
Bullets of poverty tear flesh while men in suits reign,
We ask for change,
Simple change,
Change of the basic,
No more children dying,
Let heal all for free,
Break down the walls of hate and allow love to play judge,
I am tired of your warrior sunshine that burns my face,
I am tired of headlines demanding I face the killings,
If I stand convicted of these charges so shall you…


Waiting for <s>Godot</s> DISO

Waiting for Godot DISO (Photo credit: musigny)

Hot Blood,
Soap Suds,
Red drip,
Bubble crisp,
Where is Godot,
Out of town I am told,
Murder spoke the man,
Love jest she claimed,
A cheap motel,
Some very bad wine,
Tuesday night buffet,
Come Friday it will all stray,
Motel money madness,
Jim has ran off with Godot…




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Hot Blood,

Soap Suds,

Red drip,

Bubble crisp,

Where is Godot,

Out of town I am told,

Murder spoke the man,

Love jest she claimed,

A cheap motel,

Some very bad wine,

Tuesday night buffet,

Come Friday it will all stray,

Motel money madness,

Jim has met Godot…

The Next Book

Illustration 13 from the Graphic magazine seri...

Illustration 13 from the Graphic magazine serialisation of She. The picture depicts She moving to embrace the Flame of Life that bestows immortality, with Holly, Leo, and Job cowering on the ground. Drawn by E. K. Johnson; published January 1887 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We open the page,
We smell its pulp,
Words are life,
Life is words,
Fear not,
Hope in the letters…

You breathe fire of hate at me,

Just breathe

Image via Wikipedia

You breathe fire of hate at me,
I am just a woman,
I chose not the life I was born to,
Did you?

Put down that gun,
Turn around and run,
Let the bullets fall,
Not fly,

Go back and tend to your clock,
That gun please do not cock,
I am war torn – in shock,
Are we not all of the same flock?

I want to be free,
Neither of us are a villain,
I could learn to love you,
My desperate words are true,
There is only pain here, no fun,
Mothers hear my call
Please do not mock…

 Solmaz Hafezi


Aluminium beverage cans shredded at the facili...

Image via Wikipedia

Shredded metal piercing the innocent skin of children,
War torn mothers and father unable to say good bye for the last time,
The odor of death is unforgiving just as the enemy’s bullets,
When the day breaks to nightfall and all lay silent – the dead move on,
But sunrise brings the scatter of flying metal and roaring tanks,
Tomorrow is only a hope, one must survive today…

Solmaz Hafezi

Subway Pain

A map showing the five boroughs of New York Ci...

Image via Wikipedia

There is too much pain,
Speeding on the rails of this New York train,
I feel the hungry,
I sense the desperate,
And I sit with the near insane,

All around,

From places,
Five boroughs,
Park Avenue,
Across the Hudson,
All leaving traces,

Of what,
How do I,
I live in the cut…

Solmaz Hafezi


Tango dancing - Vincent and Maryline

Image via Wikipedia

Dark alley hunt,
The predators are out tonight,
Some swing in their zoot suits,
While others swing gold chains from their hips,
It’s a tango of desire,
Dirty deeds with dirty people,
Vicars and such praying for souls,
But we dance – all to close,
Body to body sharing the sweat of a dance,
The possibility of romance,
But we are Tango slaves,
Chained to the heat of our sway,

Solmaz Hafezi

Talk Show

Della Reese at a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremo...

Image via Wikipedia

Oprah baby where do you hide yourself,
Rachel Ray what do you have to say,
Ellen short hair and proud to be –
Tyra a beauty queen on her shelf,
Sally Jesse did you disappear,
What’s the deal with RuPaul’s hair,
Wendy Williams I do love your smile,
And Whoopie, whats with the View,
Della Reese you broker the ground and paved the way –“Here’s Della!”
Robin Quivers loved the laugh,
Barbara Wawa said a sweet flower gone,
Just a thank you from all of us who sometimes need to move on…
Solmaz Hafezi

It’s a New York City start

Thelonious Sphere Monk

Thelonious Sphere Monk (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

It’s a New York City start,
Warm scent of bagels drifts crosstown,
The hustle is alive,
The bustle has no jive,
Sardine people cram the red line,
A horn player on the station playing fine,
We are all apart,
Just getting down,
Billy she let her voice rip,
Miles and Thelonious each had their sip,
When alcohol was hidden – but not too far,
Music was alive in Harlem if you caught the uptown car,
But today heads are tilted,
Spirit are wilted,
We have become slaves to the machine in our hand,
But in my mind the past is alive,
The music is still on my side…

Solmaz Hafezi