Tattered & Torn

Tattered and Torn

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The ends of my dress maybe be tattered,
And my heart broken like shreds of glass – shattered,
My face blue from all you battered,

But this morning I woke with a dream in mind,
To find,
That dignity I left behind,

You can hunt me like you say you will do,
But when one is broken all is left is what will be new,
I denounce you,

The door behind has closed,
My spirit and love for myself has rose,
The secret is out and everyone knows,

Let them come for you and apply the chain,
I have washed away your life in the pouring rain,
Hear the clank of the door and begin to feel your pain,

No fist can ever again cause bruise,
And a no backhand will I ever choose,
I won and now you lose…

Solmaz Hafezi


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