English: darlene portrait 3

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Is there a stairway to heaven?
Or am I just your black dog?
You use to sing “hey, hey, momma” but that is nevermore,
There is no bustle or any hedge grove,
Perhaps this my last stand and it was a sin to give you all my love,
I hear death whispering to bring myself home,
I look back only to see my faded days of celebration,
In the dark of night you called me Darlene but it was the wrong love call,
Many a nights you left me standing like a fool in the rain,
But now you have me kneeling before the gallows pole,
The truth be told you were always a heart breaker in good times and bad,
Hats off to you because I can’t quit you,
There was nothing ever holy and our house filled with fighting all night,
Its nobody’s fault but mine,
But babe I am gonna leave you,
Your time is gonna come – heartbreaker…

Solmaz Hafezi


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