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Della Reese at a Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremo...

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Oprah baby where do you hide yourself,
Rachel Ray what do you have to say,
Ellen short hair and proud to be –
Tyra a beauty queen on her shelf,
Sally Jesse did you disappear,
What’s the deal with RuPaul’s hair,
Wendy Williams I do love your smile,
And Whoopie, whats with the View,
Della Reese you broker the ground and paved the way –“Here’s Della!”
Robin Quivers loved the laugh,
Barbara Wawa said a sweet flower gone,
Just a thank you from all of us who sometimes need to move on…
Solmaz Hafezi


It’s a New York City start

Thelonious Sphere Monk

Thelonious Sphere Monk (Photo credit: cliff1066™)

It’s a New York City start,
Warm scent of bagels drifts crosstown,
The hustle is alive,
The bustle has no jive,
Sardine people cram the red line,
A horn player on the station playing fine,
We are all apart,
Just getting down,
Billy she let her voice rip,
Miles and Thelonious each had their sip,
When alcohol was hidden – but not too far,
Music was alive in Harlem if you caught the uptown car,
But today heads are tilted,
Spirit are wilted,
We have become slaves to the machine in our hand,
But in my mind the past is alive,
The music is still on my side…

Solmaz Hafezi

The bombs race through the walls with an unforgivable blast

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The bombs race through the walls with an unforgivable blast,
Skin ripped violently and bones dance through the massive confusion,
I see the twisted body of the young boy sharing the rubble with his armless sister,
These bombs scream through the sky leading to loved ones mourning the mangled and dead,
Where is world peace or the serenity of human dignity,
Has it abandoned my small country or been traded for black gold,
Please see us as human, alive and believers of prosperity with little hope left,
To bury one more child drains me of my own blood,
I fear that it too will spill into emptiness,
I am tired of the red blare racing through the black sky,
Tired of rockets, bullets and a political gifts of democracy,
Please let my people go,
Let my children finger paint, jump rope and grow to write poetry not of bombs but blue skies….

Solmaz Hafezi

Tattered & Torn

Tattered and Torn

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The ends of my dress maybe be tattered,
And my heart broken like shreds of glass – shattered,
My face blue from all you battered,

But this morning I woke with a dream in mind,
To find,
That dignity I left behind,

You can hunt me like you say you will do,
But when one is broken all is left is what will be new,
I denounce you,

The door behind has closed,
My spirit and love for myself has rose,
The secret is out and everyone knows,

Let them come for you and apply the chain,
I have washed away your life in the pouring rain,
Hear the clank of the door and begin to feel your pain,

No fist can ever again cause bruise,
And a no backhand will I ever choose,
I won and now you lose…

Solmaz Hafezi

New York City

New York City

New York City (Photo credit: kaysha)

New York City,
Not every moment is so pretty,
We came here upon a hope of golden sled,
But you my love have found someone else’s bed,
All I am left with is New York City tears to shed,
These words fall from grace with my bloody ink,
Watch my heart, my soul and thought of you just sink…

Solmaz Hafezi

Oh whoa is tale

English: Cassia x nealiae (flowering habit and...

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Oh whoa is tale,
You man of cold steel,
There was time when love was real,
But you set it flame,
With your adulterous game,
May your house be plagued with shame,

When our eyes first met,
Who could forget,
Our hearts we let,
Burn with red velvet lust, 
Skin to skin was a must,
But you savagely broken the trust,

Oh man I cast you to hell,
With no more stories to tell,
I should have known but – well,
I feel life once again,
From man not friend,
Since I put you to end…

Solmaz Hafezi

Tell my soul to cry no more

Soul Discovery Mix Up 7

Soul Discovery Mix Up 7 (Photo credit: Soul Portrait)

Tell my soul to cry no more,
Tell my soul all hope has not left through the door,
Tell my soul what living is for,

Through sand and dust I searched for you,
Through rain, thunder It’s all true,
Through this pain what am I to do,

Call me any name,
Call me to play any game,
Love and pain it is all the same…

Solmaz Hafezi

I have the hundred and twenty fifth street blues,


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I have the hundred and twenty fifth street blues,
I miss the sound feet tapping from East to West,
Langston Hughes telling you like it is in his fine suit and vest,
Hat stores, dress stores and stores with shoes,
On a hundred and twenty fifth,

I miss dancing in the crowd,
Late night dinners and early sunrise,
Still my ears can hear the music loud,
All the finely dressed men and their cavalier lies,
On a hundred and twenty fifth,

From downtown I can go up the one,
If I choose I can make it the four,
Either way both lead to the fun,
Each top at Harlem’s door,
On a hundred and twenty fifth…

Solmaz Hafezi


English: darlene portrait 3

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Is there a stairway to heaven?
Or am I just your black dog?
You use to sing “hey, hey, momma” but that is nevermore,
There is no bustle or any hedge grove,
Perhaps this my last stand and it was a sin to give you all my love,
I hear death whispering to bring myself home,
I look back only to see my faded days of celebration,
In the dark of night you called me Darlene but it was the wrong love call,
Many a nights you left me standing like a fool in the rain,
But now you have me kneeling before the gallows pole,
The truth be told you were always a heart breaker in good times and bad,
Hats off to you because I can’t quit you,
There was nothing ever holy and our house filled with fighting all night,
Its nobody’s fault but mine,
But babe I am gonna leave you,
Your time is gonna come – heartbreaker…

Solmaz Hafezi

I am a Daylight Warrior

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I am a daylight warrior flying fast and free through the universe,
I can see the world burning below my frozen wings,
I can see the running blood of all I left behind,
I am a daylight warrior filled with flight but frozen from sinful love,

I chant you forgiveness but your dangerous eyes of molten hate spat me,
I chant you freedom but your hard hands of flesh and bone swipe at me,
I chant you the opportunity to turn around and become a pillar of salt,
But you mock me,

I am a daylight warrior filled with rage,
I am a daylight warrior who has screamed no more,
I am a daylight warrior who lost all memory of mankind,

My body once heavy lead now of feather and ash,
You can beat me with a thousand fist but only kill me once,
Because I am a day light warrior never to return…

Solmaz Hafezi